Nepal - May 2015

After the April 25, earthquake devastated the country of Nepal, many of the rural communities that were affected were cut off from aid. When the Nazarene disaster response team showed up in the village of Tindara 10 days after the earthquake, they were the first group who had come to help. A large number of the more than 1,200 people living there hadn’t eaten since the earthquake, which had also destroyed the homes of every family there.

Rural communities were hard to access because the earthquake-scarred roads made it difficult to travel. The Nazarene team, made of pastors, volunteers, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries staff, travelled 6 hours each way to get to the families in Tindara.
They delivered enough food for more than 1,200 people -- the entire community – to eat for a month.

Yet there are many more communities like Tindara still in need of help.

16th May 2012

Wow! What a tremendous evening! The choir from North Western Nazarene University (USA) who had sung in York Minster earlier that day were fantastic. Most of their pieces were on a devotional theme but there were fun songs as well and overall a wide variety of styles. A collection was taken and we were able to give £220 towards the choir's expenses.

8th April 2012

Baptism Service on Easter Sunday Afternoon

Eight of our people with an age range of 68 years
 between the oldest and youngest went through
the waters of Baptism in an open-air service today.
 For the pre-service the Church was almost full
with our usual congregation and the invited family
and supporters of the baptismal candidates.
Afterwards we shared fellowship together over food.

5th March 2012

4th March 2012

At the Evening Service today Mr Stephen Taylor, a student at the Nazarene Theological College on a placement with us at southend Street but who has also made us his "home church", gave his first sermon in a worship service. He spoke on worry but we had no worries at all about his performance. He cleverly used one of our youngsters to get us into the "exegesis" part of his address and his address was very much appreciated. We were pleased to welcome some members of his family who had come to support him and we say thank you to those members of the congregation not usually present at the Evening Service who came to hear him.

3rd March 2012

Lancashire and Cheshire Band of Hope and Temperance Union Prize Giving

Towards the end of 2011 our young people in the Brownies and Caravanners with a couple of older ex-Brownies studied the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs from a completely revised and updated leaflet. Over the New Year they did extremely well in a written test on this material and on Saturday were rewarded for their efforts.

Around eighty people, about half from our own church but also participants from Noble Street Independent Methodist Church and Melbourne Road Methodist in Bolton and Southport Temperance Society came together for the L&C Annual Rally with a report on the activities over the last year, some enthusiastic singing, a violin solo and a short talk by Mr Laurence Hennessey with refreshments at the end.

Mr Hennesey descibed his childhood in Ireland with a drunken and sometimes violent father and his arrival in Bolton at the age of thirteen. "Wouldn't you have thought", he asked, "after trying to get away from a drunken father, I would have avoided the drink myself? But no", he continued, and described his own slide into alcoholism. By the grace of God he was freed from this entrapment and has been "dry" for almost 30 years. He compared alcohol with cocaine and morphine and showed that if alcohol was newly discovered or invented it would have to be categorised as a Class A drug. Over the years he has been involved in various works in Bolton and Ireland helping people to overcome addictions and to deal with the related problems. With his wife Iris he know runs "Breakfree Ministries" in Bolton and is called on for help on a daily basis by those struggling with addictions.

The Bolton Young people once again won all the trophies and many of the prizes and we heartily congratulate them.

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